Five most powerful women athletes of all time

Jeanie Buss

Buss is that the possessor and President of NBA large, the LA Lakers. The club values a staggering $1.35billion in keeping with Forbes, however, supported the recent sale of the LA Clippers at $2billion, Business executive currently values the Lakers at $4.7billion. Buss’ father, Jerry, closely-held the Lakers up till his death in 2013. Buss additionally assumed the role of the Lakers’ Governor and is its representative on the NBA Board of Governors.



Moya Dodd

The Australian was one in all the primary 3 ladies appointed as associate degree govt member of the world’s most powerful sporting organization, FIFA. A former Matilda (Australian Women’s Soccer Team), Dodd competes whereas finding outlaw and additionally gaining her Master in Business Administration and currently holds one in all the foremost vital positions in world sport (read concerning the catch that came with the appointment on Sportster here).IFA to the FFA to more develop the women’s game in Australia, has Dodd’s fingerprints everywhere it.


Karren Brady

At 23, she became the manager of Birmingham town soccer Club and was the primary lady and youngest director of a Premier League Club. The League’s solely chief govt Brady presently attained the nickname of the “first girl of football” throughout the U.K. With continuing success beneath her leadership, together with promotion to the highest flight of English soccer, the club was sold-out by its homeowners in 2009. the subsequent year Brady was appointed vice-chairman of premier league club West Ham Utd associate degreed has become an advocate for ladies in the business. Her services to ladies within the business earning her the respect of a CBE (Commander of the Order of Brits Empire) earlier this year. Her latest book is titled “Strong lady – the reality concerning going to the top” and it actually sums up this unbelievable lady.


Barbara Berlusconi

The girl of former Italian Prime Minister and media mogul Silvio Berlusconi is that the Vice-President and corporate executive of 1 of the world’s biggest and most powerful sporting clubs, AC metropolis (owned by Silvio). And Vice-President late last year. Adriano had antecedently commanded the role of the corporate executive on his own for twenty-eight years.



Laura Gentile

Gentile is that the vice-chairman of ESPN W, the sports media giant’s 1st dedicated ladies on the sports web site. solely a number of years recent, ESPN W have grownup from simply a diary to the premiere ladies in the sports web site, however, Laura has the facility to require ESPNW on the far side of the web.

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