Sports that can cause serious injuries

  1. Hockey game causes the foremost concussions.

Ice hockey isn’t as standard as basketball, football, and soccer. all the same, of the roughly three million young hockey game players within us, nearly 10,000 area units dislocated each year. These injuries area unit concussions, that is over the other sport. Play it safe: Limit head contact throughout the play. Don’t robust it out. like any sport, encourage your kid to inform somebody if he or she thinks an associate injury has occurred.

  1. Cheerleading could be athletics, too.

Cheerleading could be competitive athletics that has gymnastic moves, throwing teammates in the air, and forming human pyramids. Among the 12- to 17-year-old set, cheerleading caused nearly twenty-nine,000 injuries in 2011, a twelve-tone system of that were concussions. Play it safe: certify your child’s cheerleading coach is trained in gymnastic exercise and partner aerobatics similarly as recognizing and different safety skills.

  1. Jumping in volleyball will cause issues.

Of the roughly ten million volleyball players within us UN agency area unit ages twelve to seventeen, over thirty-one,000 of them were dislocated within the game in 2011. Play it safe: once jumping, land along with your knees bent. Knee and elbow guards also are a requirement to guard those vulnerable joints.



  1. Baseball and softball have risks.

Baseball and softball area unit risky sports your kid plays otherwise you take part recreationally. over 265,000 folks were treated for baseball and softball injuries in U.S. emergency departments in 2012. Of those, 4,500 were hospitalized. Play it safe: Wear all safety instrumentality, like a helmet and shin and elbow guards, and use clastic bases. heat up before taking part in, too. Stretch your muscles and obtain your rate up before you play ball.

  1. Association football contact and collisions area unit common.

More than 231,000 folks show up in U.S. emergency departments thanks to association football injuries every year. Collision or contact sports, like association football, football, basketball, and baseball, account for regarding eightieth of all sports-related emergency department visits for youngsters ages five to fourteen. Play it safe: For sports during which “heading” is concerned, certify the coach is teaching the children away to properly use their head to strike or build a play with a ball.

  1. Soccer injuries area unit common in teens.

In 2012, over 466,000 Americans were treated for injuries associated with soccer, 10,000 of whom were hospitalized. This athletics causes the foremost injuries of all sports for youngsters and youths ages twelve to seventeen. Play it safe: Wear all pads and different safety instrumentality and heat up properly before taking part.

  1. Basketball causes the foremost injuries.

Basketball could be a standard sport—more than twenty-six million children ages twelve to seventeen play it—but it causes the foremost injuries for players of all ages. Wear eye protection, elbow and knee pads, a mouth guard, associated a jockstrap (boys and men).

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